If the tool doesn't exist sometimes you just have to make it yourself.

Byke came about because I'd spend hours upon hours looking for bike gear online, all the time thinking there has to be a better way.

A better way to find out which store sold the parts I wanted. And which was cheapest. Not just on price, but for shipping too - what would it cost to actually get it to my front door in Melbourne?

Opening half-a-dozen tabs for each store was tedious. But it was better than using generic price comparison websites - which didn't cover many of the best stores and were often out-of-date anyway - or Google, which all too often lead to stores which didn't ship to Australia, or charged an arm and a leg if they did.

Byke is our attempt to right this.

It's designed to do just one thing: help Australian cyclists find the bike gear they want. It lists all the bike gear sold at the biggest and cheapest online bike stores in the world: Wiggle, Chain Reaction, Evans Cycles, Ribble, ProBikeKit and Torpedo7. It groups together the same item from different stores. And it shows shipping costs right up front - something even most of the stores don't show until you checkout.

Byke is free. If you make a purchase from these stores we will get a small cut from the retailer. But this doesn't cost you a cent, and never affects what is shown on Byke.

We've hope you'll find Byke really useful. But if you don't there's a feedback form at the bottom of every page - we're keen to hear your thoughts.

Michael and Luke

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